Netflix is arguably the most popular biggest streaming service in the world. However, with Netflix’s success throughout the years, it’s difficult not to at least to get in a uFlix review by Best Smart DNS along the way.

One of the criticisms against streaming services is that not all of the content in their library is available for viewing by everyone all over the world. There are restrictions when it comes to certain shows and movies from these sites. The bulk of the reason has to do with licensing and copyright issues for the shows they carry. Some studios also permit their shows to stream on specific locations. Therefore, what you can stream on Netflix in the US may not be available in Australia, for example.

However, sites like uFlix Smart DNS offer you the opportunity to view geo-restricted content regardless of your current location. You can see content that’s only available in the US even if you’re from the opposite side of the world!

In this uFlix review, discover whether or not this tool used for bypassing geo-blocked content from sites like Netflix and Hulu is worth purchasing to help you get the most out of your subscriptions on streaming services.

uFlix review: Get the most out of your Netflix viewing

In 2016, Netflix went hard on virtual private servers (VPNs), Smart DNS services and their ability to unblock geo-restricted content wherever the user may be.

This reason is why SmartDNS services like uFlix exist. It gives an opportunity for Netflix subscribers all over the world a chance to view geo-restricted content in their area. For a nominal fee, you can set up your uFlix account to mask your actual DNS and show streaming sites a DNS from a proxy server within the same area.

While these are helpful in letting your view restricted content, Netflix eventually was able to make uFlix Smart DNS submit. Because Netflix had to protect the agreements it made with certain shows, they were forced to ban services that worked around content restrictions.

However, two years removed from this debacle, uFlix Smart DNS seems to be working fine on Netflix again. Or is it?

We tested uFlix SmartDNS on a computer. It works very well with Netflix, HBO, BBC, ITV and many more.

How to use uFlix Smart DNS

Before creating a uFlix Smart DNS account, you need to be aware of the 14-day free trial period. You can purchase a subscription right off the bat, but it’s best to test out if uFlix is the tool that will help you effective unblock geo-restricted content. In fact, the trial period is twice as long as most SmartDNS services. It gives you more than ample time to get the service a test drive. Take the next 14 days to take uFlix to the limit and determine any potential problems you might have with it. If you like it, only then should you put your money to good use.

Setting up uFlix Smart DNS is relatively easy. It supports different operating systems (Windows, Mac), mobile devices (Android, iPad, and iPhone), gaming consoles (PlayStation), and routers (uRouter, Home Router). All you need to do is change the DNS record provided by the site that your device is currently using. For optimum speed, you need to choose the DNS of the country that’s nearest to you.

Click on the device where you want to unblock geo-restricted content and follow the directions on the page. The guide is easy to follow thanks to the detailed screenshots so users. Also, if you want to access the geo-restricted content, you need to change the DNS setting of all the devices that you want to use with your account.

Accessing the available channels

Once you have successfully set up uFlix SmartDNS on your device, you have access to 400+ channels which you can see on this page. You will also find on the page everything that you need to know about each channel and how they work in conjunction with uFlix. For example, to access American Netflix, you may need additional static IP routing on the device where you’re accessing it. For HBO GO, you need to a US iTunes account and a US payment source. The page also shows the specific devices that you can use the access the streaming services. It is important to take note of all these to make sure that your desired streaming services run well on your end.


If uFlix Smart DNS works correctly during the trial period, then it only makes sense that you choose any one of its affordable subscription packages. There are three choices:

  • 1-month access– You need to make a monthly payment of $4.90/month. The beauty with this setup is that, unlike the other plans, you’re not locked in with the service. If you decide to stop the service, you can cancel your subscription after a month’s time.
  • 12-month access– You need to make a one-time payment of $39.96 which is equivalent to $3.33/month for the whole year. This plan is ideal if you’re confident that you will use uFlix for a year and want to save up money as opposed to the monthly plan.
  • 24-month access– You need to make a one-time payment of $49.92 which is equivalent to $2.08/month for the next two years. The package is similar to the 12-month access but longer. You’re .basically putting all your eggs on uFlix as your service provider for unblocking geo-restricted content. Also, there’s just a ten dollar different with this plan and the 12-month access.

All plans offer instant activation upon signup and access to all the channels.

Troubleshooting and customer support

If you encounter any issues with uFlix, you can contact uFlix by filling out the form in the page. There’s no other method to reach out to them. The site has an FAQ page, but it only answers a couple of basic questions. In fact, some of the information them is outdated – it only shows 3-day free trial instead of the 14-day free trial on the homepage.

Pros and cons of uFlix Smart DNS

As with most SmartDNS services, uFlix Smart DNS is not perfect. It has excellent qualities and not-so-great ones that you as a potential customer need to know before making a purchase.

Pro: long trial period

Having a long trial period that twice the period offered by competitors helps you make a well-informed decision about uFlix Smart DNS. Granted, you need to take the service to its limit to determine if there are problems with using it. Nonetheless, you have a longer time to test drive the service, thus helping you make a better decision in the long run.

Con: barren website

As a SmartDNS service, uFlix Smart DNS doesn’t do itself any favors by having an elementary, if not limited, site. The home and channel pages provide you with all the information you need to know about the service. However, the other pages need a lot more work. The FAQ page needs to cover more information about uFlix especially the technical issues that users may experience with it.

Having this kind of site and online presence doesn’t instill confidence in potential customers. After looking at the site, they might move on to another SmartDNS service. It may sound unfair, but that’s what a website can do nowadays.

Pro: very affordable SmartDNS service

For less than $5 /month, you can’t beat uFlix from a price standpoint. If you’re already loaded by subscription fees to your streaming services, then you won’t have many issues with uFlix in that department. If anything, think of uFlix as a booster to your Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming sites. For a nominal fee, you unlock more content from these services compared to before. As a result, you get more bang for your buck using uFlix that you won’t feel the cash you shelled out for it.

Con: non-existent customer support

As mentioned, you can only send them an email from their website if you have questions about uFlix. There’s no option for online chat or phone call. If you have problems that you want the site to address immediately, then you will have to wait for an answer that may or may not arrive within the day. Considering that users need to set up uFlix by themselves, it is impossible not to encounter technical issues along the way.

Also, their lack of knowledge base and troubleshoot documentation might discourage people who want a SmartDNS service that offers complete resources to their customers.

What’s the final say about this uFlix review?

Uflix is a very affordable SmartDNS service that lets you watch shows that you’re not allowed to because of geo-restrictions. As frustrating as it sounds, streaming services are obligated to uphold their end of the bargain by making certain shows and movies unavailable in certain countries. Thankfully, not only does uFlix offer a solution to this problem, but also provides it dirt cheap. While there are lingering questions about uFlix such as their website and customer support, I think that the affordable price more than makes up for it.

If there’s a quick and painless way to set up your device so you can view geo-restricted content, then uFlix is the tool for you.

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