Smart DNS Proxy has been rated as one of the best SmartDNS services. This is a tool, which provides fantastic support for streaming.


Smart DNS Proxy offers various plans to its customers. Each plan comes with proper pricing policy.

A customer can select one from the following –

  • Monthly
  • 3 months
  • 12 months
  • 24 months

Every subscription plan offers free trial facility. Smart DNS Proxy, similarly to 90% of the SmartDNS and VPN providers out there, features one set plan with increasing discount facility, when you sign up for long duration. The company also offers a 24-month plan that comes around $2.08 per month, which is an economic offering from a SmartDNS service firm.

The best part of Smart DNS Proxy is that it offers free trial worth fourteen days and customers are not required to provide payment information. You have to note that if an annual subscription expires, it will be converted into a recurring monthly plan.


Features are appealing in nature. Smart DNS Proxy offers you unblocking facility of six major websites that include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Vevo
  • Hulu
  • Netflix

iPlayer is also included in this list.

Along with the unblocking facility, Smart DNS Proxy helps you in accessing approximately 133 music and video streaming services across thirty- two countries.

In order to attain such unlocking, Smart DNS Proxy has installed around 400 servers throughout the world, along with four DNS IPs that act as load balancers. These servers ensure all time availability of service, maintain right speed and help in checking redundancy.

A user can use the service with chosen number of devices as long as he or she has the same IP address. If a user wants to use the service at various locations in same time, then a customer is required to buy another account.

Global Stealth Inc owns the brand Smart DNS Proxy. Global Stealth Inc is a subsidiary of Cakinberk Telekom, which offers services of GetFlix. It means that the company has great sound experience of running DNS and VPN networks.


The security and privacy policies are well laid out and these policies offer big clarity about business procedures of the firm. In case of privacy policy, the company clearly mentions why they collect information from customers. It is mainly for processing payment bills.


When you use the Smart DNS Proxy site, you will find that it is well designed. The site not only provides easy navigation, but you will find that it is easy for you to collect the required details, which you are looking for.

The site keeps social networks up to date with television related news, streaming and networking information.


The great benefit of SmartDNS, when compared with VPN is that it can support a wide range of devices because of every day usage. This service has come with guides for number of devices including set top boxes, computers, routers, smart TVs and game consoles. Few experts conducted some tests with this new software tool on router and smart TV. The installation process was easy. The results were up to the expectation. No issues were registered regarding streaming quality and internet speed.


Smart DNS Proxy offers two kinds of support:

  • Ticket or email
  • Live chat facility

When you subscribe to this new service, you will find that live chat facility offers swift service for communication. If you want to know anything in detail, then the ticket support facility becomes very much helpful because all your technical queries can easily be sufficed with the help of multi tier support system.


Signing up to this new service is not a difficult task. You need to provide your email address, name and enter a password. If want to avail trial service, you do not have to enter payment related information.


Unlike some other SmartDNS service providers, the company does not maintain its own client base. This is a good sign for you. You will definitely like to know the benefit. Your computer or other device will not get clogged up due to unnecessary software installation.

Sometimes, this kind of scenario becomes problematic for you. If the IP address changes, you have to visit the company’s website for resuming the service. For solving this kind of issue, Smart DNS Proxy has introduced a web page in its site, where you can bookmark. This will automatically up date your IP address.

One of the notable features of Smart DNS Proxy service is that when you connect to your selected server, you can enjoy any streaming service without changing any settings. This service feature cannot be found in other DNS proxy services.

You will be glad to know that the company has installed number of servers at different parts of the world. So, you do not have to compromise with speed.


Smart DNS Proxy service does not have provision for protecting your IP address. Few experts performed experiments to with their own IP address to validate this point. They were pleased with DNS leak test, as unlike some other service providers the only outcome was the DNS, which they were required to set up.

As there is no question of encryption, also it was not surprising that the system virtually did not experience any speed drop. It was found that the speed maintained its consistency with any device or streaming facility that was pressed into service.


Experts have found that on overall performance basis, Smart DNS Proxy is the best SmartDNS service provider. The company offers superb customer support. Users can also easily navigate the site for finding relevant details.

With this new service, now web surfers can easily visit blocked sites. This kind of service can be accessed from any part of the world. You are not required to download additional software for enjoying the service. It is fully secured.


  • Does not require change of settings
  • Offers excellent support
  • You can enjoy high speed while streaming videos
  • Easy to install
  • Fantastic value


  • Not quite there

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