Are you looking to enjoy some latest videos or music numbers on your computer or mobile phone? If you cannot get access to your favorite sites or channels, you need not become disappointed. Forget the issues of geo locations and with the help of this Overplay review, fulfill your entertainment requirements seamlessly with the power of OverPlay now.


OverPlay is one of the reputed Smart DNS as well VPN service providers in the market nowadays. The company’s strength lies in the fact that it has installed servers in more than forty- eight countries, so that users are not barred from accessing their favorite entertainment programs.

Overplay can provide faster speed to customers due its local presence. In this review you will find 360 degree analysis of overplay.

Video Demonstration

Overplay Smart DNS & VPN Demonstration Video


Overplay has divided its service into two categories

  • Global VPN
  • Smart DNS

Both services are easy to use and a person need not necessarily enter into technical details. The products on offer are affordable and competitive in nature. While using a service, you can draw option of recurring payments.


You can avail Global VPN service at $9.95 per month. The best part of this service is that it has strong local presence. This kind of package covers all features of Smart DNS service. It offers unlimited access to VPN.

This is an attractive option for you and it is also a determining factor for many users, who are interested in signing up for VPN services.

If you select a three- month plan, you can purchase the VPN plan for $27.95. If you have broad budget, you can avail the six months package at $52.95 and the twelve months service will cost you around $99.95.


Smart DNS plan is meant for those users, who are not in need of drawing full- fledged services of the firm. This kind of package costs $4.95 to a user.

Smart DNS plan helps you in modifying the DNS settings for bypassing the server restrictions, without deployment of any software.

The company offers improved payment options. OverPlay accepts major credit cards and allows users to use services like 2CO, PayPal and Google CheckOut.

Online payment options are helpful for those users, who feel skeptical about sharing details with VPN or Smart DNS service providers.


  • Easy access to services
  • Safe usage
  • Compatible with many devices
  • No cap with regards to speed
  • Easy selection of server locations
  • No maintenance of log
  • Easy cancellation policy without facing penalties
  • Affordable prices
  • No cap on downloads

Now, you can have easy control over your internet connection. As we reviewed OverPlay’s high- speed network helps you to keep watching the things as per your choices without the fear buffering or throttling by your internet service provider.

The availability of web contents depends on your location. Now, you can control your location by using the Smart DNS service and get access to the contents, which you want to enjoy.

While using the Smart DNS service, users are not required to go for detailed manual configuration or complicated software installation. You can access the blocked contents within few minutes.


overplay-securityOverPlay ensures that users be provided uncompromised security while using its services. For that reason, it is following standardized protocols. Therefore, Overplay ensures that customers can draw secured experience.

OverPlay does not maintain visits or website logs of users. The company maintains data usage and connection time log records that get deleted on periodic basis. Therefore, the company provides customers with complete freedom with assurance no body is watching them while they are using the services.

By default, every server is encrypted. After connecting with OpenVPN or OverPlay VPN, 128-bit CBC Blowfish encrypted sessions is established. OverPlay also deploys L2TP, PPTP, IPSec and MPPE encryptions.

Based on your request, the service provider can offer both non- encrypted as well as encrypted VPN profiles. All severs support Open VPN and these servers accept PPTP and L2TP connections. Some OverPlay servers also support SSTP VPN of Microsoft’s SSL.


overplay-privacyOverPlay maintains a strict privacy policy in place. Before you purchase any service, it is required that you agree to terms and conditions of the company. The following acceptable use policy will set forth specific and general information regarding the usage of infrastructure of OverPlay’s site.

The infrastructure consists of servers, transport, bandwidth, IP address, switches and other equipments, which will receive, transmit or otherwise be a vehicle of transmission of any kind of data.

OverPlay makes it clear that every user needs to follow strict rules while using a service. Otherwise, the deviation of which will lead to termination of account.

OverPlay complies with security norms of countries while offering its services to users. It does not allow any sort of unscrupulous activities to be carried out on its servers.

In nutshell, the company has enacted strict privacy policy for the convenience of VPN service users.


The best part, which will attract you towards OverPlay, is the simplicity and the usage of the website. The company has used simple language while preparing contents, so that users can understand easily.

OverPlay mainly targets visitors, who prefer to browse through UK and USA servers. This is the reason; the company pays great attention for detailing in order to improve the servers in these countries. One can draw an idea about the popularity of OverPlay as many people visit the site from these locations.

Currently, OverPlay runs servers in forty- eight countries. User who has subscribed to a particular service, can access any server. When you use a service, you will get option of changing your IP address as per your requirements. This provides great flexibility while you use the web.

Compared to other VPN service providers, OverPlay always works to integrate latest upgrades in their server so that they can always help the users to bypass security firewalls.


OverPlay can support number of devices including desktops, mobile phones, etc. If you are using Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android or custom router, the company provides suitable measures to protect your data.


While we review Overplay, we find that OverPlay offers the best customer support to its users. The company provides all time online chat support to users.

Before you open the chat window, you have to fill up your personal details along with your query and make submission. Then, you will be directed towards the chat service. Experts have found that when they were talking with one of the representatives of OverPlay, they found that the customer care executive had thorough knowledge of products and took less time to suffice the queries.


Before you use a service, you have provide details like email address, name, password and username for completing the sign up procedure.

After you complete the registration process, OverPlay will send you an email containing a link. Click on the link in order to confirm about a service. The payment can be made through Google Checkout or credit card.

After user makes payment, OverPlay will send the set up file that contains steps for installing the software. When installation process is completed, you can login by using your username and password.

When you have accessed the service, you can choose a server, where you wish to get connected. A user can check the status of connection by checking the IP address. Some experts have found that when they tried to connect the software across multiple locations, they attainted quick connection.

The switching operation is also very fast. All servers sport high speed. OverPlay has marked some servers as “smart”, as these are used for streaming videos.


When experts checked the speed of VPN service, they found that OverPlay gave satisfactory results in terms of industry standards. In some cases, users can expect slight drop in speed due to encryption and server rerouting.


OverPlay offers unlimited VPN access to customers with a single package. When you minutely use a service, you will find that for anonymous web browsing, the company has deployed latest state of art solutions.


  • Easy installation of software
  • Offering users with simple navigation tools
  • Fast connection
  • No cap on downloads
  • Offers affordable price
  • Easy switching of server locations


  • Non availability of wire transfer option
  • Money back policy not offered

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