Hulu account outside the US

Hulu account outside the US

Hulu Account Outside US

Hulu Plus wanted? This guide will take you through the setup process that will allow you to watch the geo-blocked Hulu service – one of the best platforms offering hundreds of shows and access to a huge number of TV stations that cater for every possible taste.

In put things in a nutshell, you need:

  • a valid Hulu subscription,
  • an active Smart DNS Proxy account (sign up here) of an active Getflix account (signup here),
  • properly configured device (check Smart DNS Proxy configuration guide here or Getflix configuration here),
  • optionally, a Hulu app to watch your favorite shows on any Internet-capable device such as laptop, game console, Blu-ray player, smartphone, tablet or any other streaming device (check setup instructions here).

Hulu offer

The platform offers TV content from impressive number of channels including SHOWTIME, ABC, BRAVO, DISCOVERY, FX, FOX, MTV, NBC, NICKELODEON, THE CW, UNIVISION and many more as well as popular TV series and movies. All available at the reasonable price. The list of Hulu partner channels can be found here.


As most of the streaming services, Hulu is geo-blocked. It means that the system recognizes where you’re watching the service from and, due to various provisions, blocks its content outside the USA. Moreover, in order to have an active Hulu subscription, you need an American credit card. All looks pretty gloom for an average viewer outside the territory of the US.


Do not despair! Where there’s a problem, there’s always a solution. Or a workaround. Either way, IT technology is on our side and we’re making the best use of it to keep people entertained wherever they are.

There are two solutions to geo-blocking problem – one is VPN, another – Smart DNS.


Virtual Private Network creates virtual tunnels through numerous servers around the world thus unblocking restricted content. The network virtually “moves” you to any country in the world. It masks the original IP to make it appear that you are accessing the site from another location. However, it requires traveling through a distant server location, which affects its speed. An additional advantage is that Virtual Private Network encrypts your traffic so no one can see where you are and what you are up to on the Net. The drawback is that heavy encryption may influence the speed as well.

Smart DNS

Smart DNS protocol functions more like a “trick” which changes your DNS (Domain Name System) so the sites you are accessing think that you are eligible to access them. As the traffic is not encrypted and does not travel through remote servers, it is considerably faster, which is not to be ignored in case of streaming. Easy installation, multi-OS support and versatility of use makes it a perfect solution to any geo-blocked content.

Detailed description of how both solutions work and how they differ can be found here.

First and foremost – get the Smart DNS Proxy subscription or Getflix Subscription.

This will make you real IP disappear from the Net and allow you to make necessary settings.

Accessing Hulu step by step

STEP 1 – getting a US-issued credit card

As Hulu requires a credit card issued in the USA, we need to get one. You don’t have to set an account in an American bank, wave your Green Card or apply for citizenship. Two options are possible here. You can either go to this site and purchase a Hulu prepaid virtual card. You need to register it (details on how to do it will be sent to you via email together with the virtual card). Alternatively, you can go to this website and purchase a prepaid Visa card, set up a PayPal account and use this card to make PayPal payments. Both cards are virtual and they work just like any regular US credit card.

STEP 2 – setting up DNS or VPN on Smart DNS Proxy

No matter how you decide to resolve your US-based account, you need to have active DNS or VPN service up and running. When it comes to registering your Hulu account, the servers must think that your computer is in the US territory. Go to this site and register for Smart DNS Proxy service.

STEP 3 – card registration

With the first option – once you receive the credit card details to your email, follow the instructions from the guide included there and register your card. Don’t forget to write down all critical details (type of card, 16-digit credit card number, expiration date and a 3-digit CVV security code). You will need a valid US address so follow the instructions carefully. Otherwise, your registration may be refused.

The second option requires you to set up a verified PayPal account with the prepaid card that you bought. The source of money that is put on your virtual card may be any credit/debit card or any bank account that supports USD transfers. Keep in mind that it is advisable to have your PayPal account balance topped up with money so that when you make a payment for Hulu, you don’t run out of funds.

One extra thing to be taken into consideration while choosing “your” American location is using a zip code or address which is in one of the states that doesn’t have sales tax, namely Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. You may want to choose one of those locations.

STEP 4 – register for Hulu

Now you can go to Hulu website and sign up for the service. When you come to credit card details, remember to use the same information that you used when you registered your card.

The easiest way is to Start your Free Trial on Hulu website, put your PayPal account in the billing information and after your free trial is finished, Hulu will automatically charge your PayPal account. That is why it is wise to keep this account with enough money to cover each consecutive payment.

STEP 5 – enjoy

And that’s pretty much all that you have to do. It does take some time and effort but it is definitely worth it. The number of movies, TV shows, channels that can be watched is stunning and getting bored with such selection is very, very hard if at all possible.

Don’t hesitate and join a huge legion of satisfied Smart DNS Proxy, Getflix and Hulu users!

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