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You are a die heart fan of Hollywood movies and in addition, you want to groove with the current heavy metal music releases. But, to your dismay, you find that you are unable to access the popular music or video streaming sites due to issues of geo- location restrictions. You are willing to spend any amount to get your entertainment needs fulfilled, but, you are not able to find a right source. Do not worry now, as you can spend some great time with your friends and families, when you subscribe with Getflix.


Getflix is a Smart DNS service that allows you to have access to popular entertainment sites like Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc. The company is based in Australia and it manages its virtual private network (VPN) servers in order to offer streamed video and music facilities from blocked sites.

Users can now avail impressive services from Getflix as the company does not follow monopolistic pricing policy. You can easily make your entertainment session trouble free as you can access the superb customer care service with few clicks.

Getflix Smart DNS & VPN Demonstration


Getflix now offers some fabulous, lowest price quotes for entertainment seekers with prices turning out as low as $2.69 per month. At initial stage, the company will not compel you shed your hard earned money. Getflix believes that trust should be created in first place. So, the service provider allows you to use its services free of cost for 14 days.

After you have used 14 days trial package, you can choose various pricing plans based on your budget.


  • 1 month – $3.95
  • 3 months – $11.26
  • 6 months- $21.33
  • 12 months – $37.92

As for 3, 6 or 12 months subscription goes, you are getting some discount from the Getflix right at this moment.

You can draw more discount when you visit the Getflix’s Facebook page and raise the value of the company by liking its page.

Do you want to know, how much money you can save by liking the Facebook page? Well, this all happens during your free trial. Getflix will straight away offer you 15% discount, when you select any plan.

Making payments to Getflix is totally secured. The company provides you the PayPal facility with which you can make a safe and secured transaction. Users need not look for other payment options, as Getflix allows them to use major credit cards like American Express, MasterCard, JCB and Discover.


Getflix users can avail additional discount of 25% if they own two or more accounts.


There are some salient features that compel users to make an early decision.

  • Getflix deploys Smart DNS technology. So, it works faster than VPN.
  • Users can get access to popular streaming services from any location of the world.
  • Select from more than twenty regions including UK and USA
  • Get access to 24 x 7 customer support service
  • No additional software installation required.
  • Runs well on vast range of devices

Getflix can impress the users with its wide range channels, processes involved for accessing them and the devices it supports for providing true services to entertainment seekers.

The service is designed in such a manner that it breaks down every channel and detail of device on which streaming facility will be provided. You can come across the chart, which shows information in tidy and neat manner. So, this type of can create a huge difference, when you use the service.


Getflix has also conducted research for letting the users know about the geo registration of their devices in order to download iOS applications, which are linked with a channel. From specific designated servers, Getflix can provide best DNS over VPN feature. It provides an alternative way to connect to its DNS servers. This kind of feature allows the usage of its DNS servers in tough situations where DNS servers of third party gets hijacked or blocked. So, Getflix can work in public WiFi hotspots and hotel rooms.


It may strike your mind, whether Getflix is safe for use. Experts have proven that such service is secured and users need not have to worry about the safety. When a user performs his or her operation through Getflix servers, all the DNS requests get fed into them.

So, the company can view all DNS requests. However, Getflix do not track, archive or log any of this kind of data expect for proving support. When the service provider wishes to use the collected data for providing support, during that time, it seeks permission from users.

The majority of DNS requests, which Getflix receives, are forwarded to public DNS server directly. For official reasons, Getflix intercepts some requests for Hulu and Netflix and return the IP addresses of its servers in the USA.

When a user establishes connection with Netflix, he or she is routing through USA based servers. The connections that are established with streaming sites deploy HTTPS features. If the company intercepts the requests, it cannot read the contents.


Getflix is deeply concerned about the privacy of users. Global Stealth, which owns Getflix collects personal information from users in various ways.

While asking for information, the service provider ensures that users provide correct name, valid email address, mailing address, etc. You will not be asked to furnish your financial information unless you make a purchase.

The best part of Getflix is that you can disclose your information if you wish. The company states that if a user discloses his or her personal information, it will benefit him or her in long run.

Getflix says that the information that it collects from visitors are used for various purposes.

In first place, if you have purchased a subscription plan, the information, which you have submitted will help the support department executives to suffice your queries in faster manner.

Secondly, your personal data can be used for carrying out market research activities. In that manner, it becomes easy for Getflix to improve its services.

Getflix does not involve itself in trading personal information. For certain reasons, it may pass on information to third parties for providing smooth and flawless service to users. Before taking such step, the company will seek permission of users.


When you visit the website of Getflix, you can find lot information, which are displayed in organized manner. A user has to devote some time for going through the menu. But, you can stay assured that you need not look here and there for searching relevant data, which you require.

The font of the home page has been designed in simple manner for attaining easy navigation. You can find FAQ section, which describes many issues you may face while using a service. These FAQs are self- explanatory in nature. For example, if you want to use Netflix’s or Hulu’s service on Apple TV, you can see in the supported device menu, the steps that are explained in clear way.

The site will suggest you to sign up for a Getflix account before you proceed further. After you have signed up, the page will direct you for configuring DNS settings and then access the Hulu or Netflix applications.

So, users can enjoy services with relaxed mindset.


You can draw services of Getflix across multiple devices. If you are the owner of any these devices, then enjoying the services of Getflix is not an issue.

Getflix Supports
• Apple Mac
• Windows
• PS4
• PS3
• Nintendo Wii
• Xbox 360
• Wii U
• Android
• iOS
• Roku
• WD TV Live
• Apple TV

No additional software is required for setup. Users can find guides, which are easy to understand. These guides also contain useful pictures, which will make the installation process full- proof, even for the first time streaming service user.


For complimenting its excellent setup guide, Getflix provides all time customer care service through ticket enquiry system. Some experts have found that the response time was up to the mark and the quality of service was very helpful.

You can access knowledge base and FAQ page, where you can get answers to all your queries before you opt for ticket system facility. Alternatively, you can get your queries solved by visiting the service provider’s Facebook page. It has been found that the posts meant for Facebook users are entertaining as well as informative.


Getflix is quite confident regarding its offerings. It prefers to build trust with customers before asking for payments. So, it offers 14 day trial service for which you need not pay any money. The sign up process is very simple. You have to create an account by providing your name, email address and password. After the company verifies your details, you are ready to use the service.

When your trial period gets over, you will be informed about the paid services in order to keep your account active.

Getflix does not have dedicated client base. So, a user needs to change DNS settings through manual operation after signing up. If a customer wishes to change the location of a site like Hulu or Netflix, he or she will have to visit Getflix site and make suitable changes.

This process is extremely easy and it should not land you in confusion while using the service.


It has been found that only few connections are re- routed though Getflix DNS servers. So, you will not face issues related to lose of speed. So, your conventional internet browsing activities remain unaffected.

It has been found that even the video streams from Hulu Plus and Netflix are not subjected to re- routing. Videos are directly streamed from the sources and delivered to you. These streaming sites perform country as well as location checks before they carry out streaming operations. Therefore, there is no need for Getflix to re- route such connections.


Getflix is an ideal choice for using DNS services. With quick service, low price and other useful facilities, you will be impressed to use its service plans.


  • Free trial worth 14 days
  • Economic pricing policy
  • Availability of user- friendly guides
  • Fast response time through ticket system related with customer care service
  • Huge number of channels
  • Easy access to VPN
  • Has sound social media presence


  • Getflix does not refund for unused time, if a user cancels a plan.

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