Review Of Australia Netflix Streaming Service So Far: Good or Bad?

The Australian version of Netflix was officially launched to Aussie consumers last month (March 2015) and there have been many conflicting reviews to report thus far. Most Australians are rejoicing over the introduction of a new online streaming service to compete with the other alternatives Stan and Presto. However there is still a big concerns over the fact that Australian Netflix has many less titles to choose from and some very popular US titles will not be available in the Australian Netflix catalog for a long time.

Netflix Australia Has Approximately 7000 Fewer Choices Than US (American) Netflix

When the much anticipated viewing schedule for Netflix OZ was released, Sydney software developer Kenneth Tsang analyzed the newly introduced streaming service to see exactly which titles were going to be available – and not available to Australian consumers.

Mr Tsang used specially designed software to extract all of the titles in the “browse” categories on Netflix’s official Australian website when they launched, and then compared this list with what is currently available to Americans on US Netflix. This is was his conclusion:

Titles Available on US Netflix


Titles Available on AUS Netflix


DIFFERENCE = 7173 Less Options for Australian Netflix Viewers!

Australian Netflix Will Get Better Soon Though, Won’t It?

Well, this is the official statement which Netflix’s vice-president of product innovation, Todd Yellin, told Australian journalists at the recent Consumer Electronics Show:

“The catalogue that the Australians will see on day one will improve on day 30, and day 90, or every couple of weeks – sometimes every day, as we have more content coming in,”

So if you plan on signing up and using the new Netflix Australia, be prepared to wait around for weeks – or even months for your favorite Netflix show or latest release movie to finally show up in your Australian viewing schedule.

Is There A Way To Unblock and Stream US Netflix in Australia?

Yes! And there is an estimated 200, 000 Australians who are already accessing the US version of Netflix via VPNs and Smart DNS Proxy technology according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Obviously fed up with the lack of access to premium US content ‘down under’, it seems Australians have already been able to find their own way around Geo-blocking techniques used by American Netflix. VPN and Smart DNS proxy services such as Getflix are proving to be very popular with the Australian public and are increasingly being used to unblock and stream content from websites which are typically blocked in Australia such as US Netflix, HULU Plus, Pandora, WWE Network, ESPN GO etc.

Smart DNS Proxy: Best Method To Get American/US Netflix in Australia

Thanks to the independent research conducted by Mr Tsang, we now know the US version has MANY more options for you to choose from. So if you don’t want to hear all the news about the latest episodes of your favorite Netflix TV shows or how that latest release movie ends BEFORE you actually get a chance to watch them yourself, start using a Smart DNS Proxy service to unblock the US version of Netflix – plus many more regionally blocked US websites.

How To Choose The Best Smart DNS Proxy For Unblocking US Netflix in Australia

We have thoroughly researched, tested and reviewed every Smart DNS service provider available and rated their performance based on important factors including streaming quality, user security/privacy, device compatibility and overall user experience. To find the best Smart DNS service provider, make sure you check out our Best Smart DNS Reviews.

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