Watch Netflix Australia & Switch Other Regions in Single Clicks

With Netflix’s advent on the Aussies territory – the entertainment industry has witnessed a new fuss. Before and after the launch, the talks are all about Netflix. Some are cynical about the real deal (if it is really the case), while the others doubt the content library. Whatever the case it might be, the best part is Netflix is officially launched Now! The good in all.

Australia has reasonably a large market, in online streaming too. And this was one concern that only Netflix has canvased & directed. With the release of Netflix Australia to the local people a sudden shift is expected in the online binge-watching. And people are downrightly excited too.

Bounties with/of Netflix Australia

To put it in simple words, we can say that the biggest premium to use Netflix in Australia that you have the exclusive rights to watch the fascinating content locally. This has plenty of benefits that lays down to technical know-hows (just kidding).

It is a common practice of Netflix to distribute content smartly amongst all regions, which makes the streaming giant in the news all the time. So not just people who reside in Australia has the interest to watch content via Australia Netflix – but expats who travel here and there will also need a one-click solution to completely dismount the load of DVDs.

Netflix a lifesaver!

Still the Question Remains with Netflix Australia

Nothing new apparently, but the question is valid. It is the same that other region watchers ask and debate about. It’s about the quality and (importantly) the size of the library (content) Australian Netflix has to offer.

Unluckily, there is no good news here to cherish your day. Like the case before, the exclusive content rights remain to Netflix USA. To quote some, lets say The Netflix US has three times more content than Australian Netflix.

The love of newly inducted Netflix Australia is here, but the bigger share stays with Netflix USA.

What’s the take then?

More Netflix Regions, More Fun

An old saying; the bigger the better! Netflix is mainly famous for the Originals and its content library is crammed with it all the time. Since Netflix USA shares the most content part, other Netflix regions including Canada, UK, others (even Australia) have to wait longer for the original shows to broadcast in their region.

One solution that fits all is – Smart DNS! Lets blend and bring the easy way to you!

How to Watch Netflix Australia & Other Regions in Few Clicks

We’re happy that Netflix has expanded its network in Australia. However, like we discussed earlier limited content availability is & will be the ultimate concern of streaming lovers. Following Smart DNS services are the best for accessing other Netflix regions. They are designed to fill the gaps of entertainment to give you speedy streaming experience & deliver Netflix’s content of any region of your choice.

  1. Smart DNS Proxy
  2. Getflix
  3. Unlocator
  4. Unotelly
  5. UnblockUS

So enjoy Netflix Australia to experience the local Netflix and get your SmartDNS account to double your streaming experience with countless joy.

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