How To Get American (US) Netflix in Australia Using A VPN or Smart DNS Proxy



Netflix finally arrived in Australia on March 24th (2015), but public opinion suggests the fans aren’t happy. Many people who signed up on the day of the Australian Netflix launch are now very disappointed with the limited selection of movies available to Australian Consumers. And with Netflix Australia representative Todd Yellin telling customers it will be still take months for Aussie Netflix to build up it’s catalog size, it is no wonder people are already turning to VPN and Smart DNS Proxy services to bypass Geo-blocking and gain access to the much larger selection over at the US/American version of Netflix.


How To Use A VPN or Smart DNS Proxy to Unblock and Stream American (US) Netflix in Australia


If you are not satisfied with the basic selection of content available on Australian Netflix, then why don’t you join an estimated 200 000 Australians who are already using a VPN or Smart DNS Proxy service to gain full access to the American Netflix.

There are many great online solutions such as GetflixSmart DNS Proxy and Unlocator who specialize in providing excellent work-around methods to access (and stream) geo-bocked content from any location in the world! That means you don’t have to put up with the limited choice on Australian Netflix and can access to stream an estimated 5-7000 extra titles on US/American Netflix.


Is It Legal To Use A VPN or Smart DNS Proxy To Unblock US Netflix?


While there is much speculation as to if it is legal or illegal to bypass Geo-blocks online, there is no actual law which prevents Australians from using a VPN or SmartDNS to stream blocked content online. Australia’s communications Minister Malcom Turnbull has not expressed any concern over Aussies who choose to use proxy server services and the Australian government has no specific law set in place to prevent people from doing so.


What Is The Best Method To Unblock US Netflix in Australia: VPN or Smart DNS Proxy?

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) is the more well-known term and used to be the preferred method for bypassing Geo-blocks, however new Smart DNS Proxy technology provides a much better user experience because of it’s superior and higher quality streaming capabilities.

ck_Smart-DNS-Proxy-ServerSmart DNS is compatible to use with almost every internet capable device (SmartPhones, Smart TVs, Apple TV, etc.) and Smart DNS technology only needs to re-route the certain information which identifies your exact geographical location. Therefore not as much information needs to be passed through your providers servers – giving you a much higher quality connection when accessing a Geo-blocked site such as US Netflix.

A VPN on the other hand will typically need to re-route ALL of your data through its complicated network – which ultimately affects the streaming speed from the host website and can also slow down device you are using to a much slower working speed.

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If you are feeling like many other Australians and are extremely unsatisfied with the limited selection of available titles currently showing on Australian Netflix, then try using a quality Smart DNS Proxy service to gain FULL ACCESS to the US/American version of Netflix.

We have thoroughly researched, tested and reviewed every Smart DNS service provider available and rated their performance based on streaming quality, user security/privacy, device compatibility and overall user experience. To find the best Smart DNS service provider, make sure you check out our Best Smart DNS Reviews.

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