5 Cool Uses For VPN And Smart DNS Proxy Server Services

5 Cool uses for VPNsVPN (Virtual Private Network) and Smart DNS Proxy server services like the new ALL-IN-ONE SmartVPN by SmartDNSProxy.com are excellent methods for routing your network traffic through a secure remote server, so you can safely encrypt data, browse blocked websites and stream regionally blocked content as though you were actually located somewhere else other than your current location!

VPNs and DNS Proxy servers were traditionally used by big businesses in the early years of online enterprise however, many online proxy server services now offer quick and easy solutions for the ordinary internet user to connect to a wide selection of different high-speed and totally secure proxy servers located in various different places all over the world.

Below are 5 Cool Uses for VPN networks and Smart DNS Proxy Servers You May Not Know About

Gain Full Access And Watch USA Netflix (Without Your ISP Slowing You Down)

Stream Netflix in HD using a proxy server

PROBLEM: We all know the streaming capabilities of ISP (Internet Service Providers) such as Verizon can be very slow and lagging at the best of times. And many have even proven that ISP’s such as Verizon are actually ‘throttling Netflix bandwidth‘ during their busy times, in attempt to control network congestion caused when everyone is using the service at the same time.

SOLUTION: Use a Smart DNS Proxy to bypass the slow and sometimes ‘throttled servers’ of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) so you can watch Netflix without endless buffering and in perfect HD quality. A Smart DNS Proxy service will also have a number of dedicated proxy servers located in the USA, so you can send/receive data through their US network and sign up to gain access to the full US Netflix catalogue – even if you don’t actually live in the United States of America.

TIP: For more details, read our other article on How To Speed Up Netflix Using A Smart DNS Proxy

Play Online Games (Without Your ISP Slowing You Down)

Speed up connection for online gaming

PROBLEM: The huge amount of internet traffic generated from online gaming  is often slowed down by many ISPs. Also, some very popular games including MMORPG World Of Warcraft, actually use a BitTorrent protocol to issue frequent patches and updates. This specific protocol is very heavy on bandwidth, and often used for illegally sharing/downloading copyrighted materials over the Internet – And as a result, is often throttled by your favourite network providers.

SOLUTION: Use a Smart DNS Proxy or fast VPN service to bypass your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Once again, a proxy service will allow you to send/receive data through their network of super-fast proxy servers so you won’t suffer from slow buffering, low quality images and constant interruptions during those important moments of your online gaming experience.

TIP: Click the following link for the Fastest Proxy Server for Online Gaming

Securely Work From Public Wi-Fi (Cafes, College Campus, Hotels, etc) And Prevent Online Snooping

Prevent online spying with a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

PROBLEM: Public Wi-fi connections such as those found in Cafes, Fast Food Restaraunts, College campuses, Hotels, etc. are very common these days. Even more common is how quickly the average internet user will be to use these ‘free internet connections’ without thinking twice about the overall security of the sensitive information found on their internet capable device.

Mobile phones and laptops contain very important and extremely personal information such as banking details, private images, business data, etc. and this becomes extremely vunerable to online hackers whenever you choose to connect to a public network which is not known by you to be 100% secure.

SOLUTION: Use a sophisticated VPN (Virtual Private Network) service which will encrypt all of the information you send and receive over public Wifi connections. A good VPN service should offer their users a variety of different encryption security protocols to choose from (based on what that user intends on doing online) and be able to gurantee that their VPN (Virtual Private Network) is totally secure 100% of the time.

TIP: Click the following link to learn more about VPN Security Protocols and How To Protect Your Online Data

Shop Online And Get Better Deals

Book cheaper hotels and get better deals using a VPN


PROBLEM: When you are purchasing something online or making international reservations such as booking airfares or car hire rentals, you probably think you are being presented with the lowest possible deals everytime you get to that final booking page. WRONG! We have already proven in our article – Book Cheaper Flights, Hotels and Car Rentals Online Using A VPN that it’s possible to save quite a considerable amount of money when you use a proxy server service.

SOLUTION: A good proxy server service will allow you to conveniently switch from one geographical location to another, so you can login and seach for the best deals – according to the specific areas of the world where there is currently some type of sale happening online. Websites use IP identification when users visit their site and are able to determine where you are located in the world based on your unique IP address. You will then only be offered special deals and savings which have been allocated to be handed out in that area at any specific time. Logging into a website via a remote proxy server located overseas will allow you to search out deals and savings which are currently not being offered in your area.

TIP: SmartVPN allows you to switch regions/locations easily.

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