Book Cheaper Flights, Hotels and Car Rentals Online Using A VPN

Book holiday and save money using a VPN

Book holiday and save money using a VPNIf you have any travel plans for the future and you’re looking for a great way to find cheaper airfares, hotel accommodation or car rentals, then make sure you read on to find out how you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) proxy service to get the absolute BEST deals and cheapest prices when booking online!



How A VPN Can Save You Money When Making Reservations Online

Virtual Private Network saves money booking onlineIn today’s digital word, most of us prefer to search and book our entire holiday, business trip or vacation online. And most of the popular online booking websites such as Agoda, Trip Advisor, Expedia, Kayak, etc. will use a fluctuating price system which uses cookies to track who is visiting the site and where they are located. This is done to determine the number of times you have visited the site, how long you spend on the site and which flights or services you’ve specifically been looking at.

But if you do some research like we have, you will notice that prices for the exact same airfare, hotel or car rental can vary and can be much cheaper based on your geographical location when making your booking.

How Does A Website Know My Geographical Location?

Use a VPN to alter IP address and save money booking

Any website you visit on the Internet is able to determine where you are located in the world by the information and data located within your unique IP address. Every IP address is unique and contains information about your geo-location because websites use this information to collect statistics on where users come from and what users are doing. But more importantly, your unique IP address is also used to determine the exact end-point where a website needs to relay requests you are making when seraching their site for information.

Read more about How a Website Uses Your IP Address

Why Would It Be Cheaper To Book Online If I’m Located In Another Geographical Location?

Book holiday using a VPNThrough our research, why certain websites will give you a different price just because you logged in from say Germany – instead of the USA is hard to determine. However, it seems the payment currency and point-of-sale where you make your booking does defintely affect the price you are going to end up paying for whatever you book online.

Example of How A Man Saved $475 When Booking A Flight on

VPN saves money when booking holidays online

This guy logged into the US version of and searched for flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Melbourne (MEL) on January 1st to 8th 2015. His initial quote from was for US$1842. See below:

Next he used a VPN service and logged into via a Brazil server and was quoted the price of $1364 for the exact same flight!

Example of How One Guy Saved $66 USD Booking A Rental Car From Using A VPN

Check out this interesting video demonstration of how one guy was able to save himself a substantial amount of money by simply using a VPN service when making his online booking for a hire car from

The Evidence Is Clear! VPN’s Can Save You Money When Booking Your Next Trip Online

Make holiday booking using a VPNSo as you can see by the above video, with the help of a VPN service and a little extra due diligence on your part, you could save yourself quite a substantial amount of money on your next holiday or trip by using a VPN service while searching online. As international airfares, hotel bookings and car rentals are all subject to foreign currency exchange rates and availability of whatever it is you are trying to book, your own search reults may vary when using a VPN to book online. However, as you can plainly see with the evidence provided above, utilizing a VPN service when organizing your next trip is well worth it in the end.

Imagine what you could do with an extra $475 USD on your next trip!

Save money online VPN

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