Speed Up Your Internet Using A VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Smart DNS Proxy Server

Faster Internet connection with SmartDNS - Review

In a rush to watch something online and don’t care about the technical specifics of why you might have slow internet?

Try Using a proxy server to speed up your Internet connection!

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Independent tests prove VPN and DNS proxy servers can actually help increase the speed of your Internet connection – see the evidence below.

Speed up your internet speed with SmartDNS

How To Increase Your Internet Speed Using A Proxy Server

faster streaming from US NetflixTypically when either VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) or Smart DNS services are mentioned in the same sentence as online streaming, most people think of bypassing Geo-restrictions to access regionally blocked content online. However, you may also like to know that you can also use a VPN or Smart DNS Proxy service to help speed up your Internet connection and significantly improve the performance of your online streaming capabilities from digital media sites such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, etc.

Why Am I Experiencing Poor Streaming Online… Do I have A Slow Internet Connection?

Get faster internet using a SmartDNSPRoxyWhether you are an avid online gamer, digital movie streaming addict or just someone who simply uses the internet a lot, everybody knows how important a good, fast and secure internet connection is to a persons everyday life and sanity. The frustration of endless buffering or even poor streaming capabilities when trying to view something online is ALMOST enough to make you want to go off and read a book somewhere. The fact that you probably paid top dollar for the latest Apple TV device, Smart TV or other digital media streaming device only to watch the latest blockbuster movie in low-grade 360p or 480p resolution probably just makes you angry!

increase your internet speed without changing ISP

So who is to blame for your poor streaming capabilities when trying to view something online?

Slow Online Streaming? Eliminate Your Hardware And ISP As The Problem First

How To Check The Current Speed Of Your Internet Connection

SmartDNS Review

Before embarrassing yourself and calling your ISP provider to verbally abuse the first person who answers your phone call, find out the current speed of your Internet connection. You can test your internet connection by running a quick internet speed test. Your download and upload speeds will be measured by sending information back and forth from the Speed test servers and your computer.

After you know how fast your connection currently is, go ahead and log on to the website or account of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and find out exactly what your speeds should be in regards to the current plan you are on. If your numbers are reasonably close to matching up to what is advertised in the plan you have – then chances are you just need to upgrade your plan (if available). However, if your numbers are WAAAAAAAAY off – then you should probably get on the phone to your ISP and see what the problem is. Your ISP might be experiencing network congestion or simply throttling bandwidth.

Use SmartDNS to speed up internet connection from ISPAlthough difficult to prove without a shadow of a doubt, it has been suspected that ISP’s are intentionally throttling bandwidth in some cases such as when Verizon were accused of throttling Netflix traffic. Bandwidth throttling is basically the intentional slowing down of your internet connection by an ISP in an attempt to regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion through their system.

AND NOTE: If you are only getting 10 Mbps or under when conducting the internet speed test – and there’s more than one internet capable device using the Internet connection, you will probably never be able to stream content in full HD with your current ISP.

How To Check Your Modem And Router For Internet Connection Problems

Slow internet speed and streaming problem

Hardware such as modems and routers can sometimes become old and ‘worn out’ and bent or broken cables can also heavily affect the speed of your internet connection. So check your hardware before anything else. Also note that routers and modems can simply be re-booted or restarted with the push of a reset button (make sure you check with your ISP or hardware manufacturer for precise instructions on how to do this first).

Speed Up Your Internet By Turning Off Broadband Heavy Apps

Increases slow connection from ISP

It’s very common these days to have a variety of different Apps open and ready to use on your device as soon as you turn it on. However, these Apps can also be the culprit for sucking up all of your broadband and causing you to experience poor online streaming. Check your operating system to see what’s running when your device starts up and try to keep only the necessary apps active. Now re-check your internet connection to see if it’s improved after closing down some Apps.

Still Got Slow Internet? Try Using a Smart VPN and Smart DNS To Increase Your Internet Speed

SmartDNSProxy Review - speed up internet

SmartDNSProxy.com – the ONLY ALL-IN-ONE Proxy Server Service Built For Speed!

HD SmartDNS Proxy

If you have tried the above troubleshooting techniques and you still have slow a Internet connection, then try using a proxy server service such as SmartDNSProxy.com who have extremely fast streaming capabilities and multiple different proxy server options available with the introduction of their new SmartVPN service.

Smart DNS Proxy also allows users to easily bypass Geo-restrictions/IP blocking for those wishing to unblock regionally restricted websites/content and stream digital media online in perfect HD quality.

Smart DNS Proxy offers a FREE trial period for all new users so make sure you check out why they get our vote as the BEST Smart DNS and VPN Proxy service available.

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Read a full review of SmartDNSProxy services.


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