‘He Named Me Malala’ – Davis Guggenheim’s Outstanding Documentary Streamed Exclusively by Hulu

‘He Named Me Malala’ – Davis Guggenheim’s Outstanding Documentary Streamed Exclusively by Hulu

A compelling story of the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner and the pro-educational activist, Malala Yousafzai, will hit the Hulu stream this summer. Following its TV debut on National Geographic Channel on March 1, Hulu acquired exclusive streaming rights to this BAFTA-nominated documentary which will be available on Hulu’s subscription VOD service.

The film presents a look at the events preceding and following the Taliban militants attack on a 15-year-old girl who was on her way back home on the school bus in north-west Pakistan’s Swat Valley in 2012. The only fault of the young woman was that she had enough moral courage to be a precocious campaigner for the right of girls to be educated. Helpless, unarmed girl against Taliban gunmen who board the bus and shoot her in the head. Tragic, thought-provoking and inspiring.

Her father named her Malala after the Afghan folk heroine Malalai – a Joan of Arc-type figure who rallied Pashtun fighters against the British back in 1880. One might say that she was destined to be defiant from birth.

She first became famous at the age of 11 when she published her anonymous diary documenting her concerns and anxiety about the Taliban edict banning girls’ education and their rampage of destroying dozens of girls schools across the country. Encouraged by her father, she started a blog in which she became more vocal on the subject of girls’ education. Malala and her family were the subject of threats, which found its dramatic climax on October 9, 2012 when Taliban militants decided to put the bullet through her head.

She survived, was airlifted to the UK with her family and, after several operations, made a remarkable recovery, learned English and continues her staggeringly ambitious campaign which is now taken around the world. And she is only 18 now.

A multiple nominee for best documentary (including BAFTA), “He Named Me Malala’ is a film that shows incredible father-daughter relationship, courage and dedication. No geopolitical propaganda, no bleeding cry for justice. Just pure inspiration.

If you want to watch this as well as many other riveting stories, get the Hulu subscription. The story of Malala is universal – so should be watching experience. No matter where you are and what device you use for stimulating your knowledge or emotions – go to Getflix or Smart DNS Proxy and find your unlimited and unbound access to information or entertainment. Or both.

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