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Are you trying to access one of those popular online streaming websites such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, iBBC Radio, etc. but are unable to because of those annoying Geo-blocks? Well read on because you are about to learn the best way to bypass geo-restrictions and unblock streaming media websites on any device including your:

  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Mobile Device (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android)
  • Gaming Console (PS4, PS3, Wii U , Xbox 360, Wii)
  • Set-top Box (Apple Tv, Roku, Google TV, Boxee Box, WD TV Live Player, Amazon Fire)
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Chromecast
  • + most other internet capable devices.

What Are Regional Restrictions & Geo-Blocking?

Proxy UnblockRegional restrictions and Geo-blocking is a method used to restrict the viewing of specific online content/media based on a users geographical location. The device you are using right now to access the Internet has a unique IP address attached to it. This unique IP address contains certain information which relates to your exact location and the country you are in when accessing the Internet. Now whenever you connect (or visit) a website which has Geo-blocks or regional restrictions such as the US version of Netflix for example, the geographical data in your IP address will determine whether or not you will be granted access to stream US Netflix content. And US Netflix is ultimately only supposed to be permitted for streaming ONLY if you happen to live within the United States of America (USA).

How To Bypass Geo-Blocking to Access & Stream Regional Blocked Websites

proxy unblocker ipTo bypass Geo-blocking so you can access regional blocked content online, all you have to do is alter the data in your IP address which relates to your geographical location. And even though this might sound complex for those lacking an abundance of technical knowledge, it is very quite simple using a dedicated Smart DNS Proxy server service which specializes in unblocking Geo-blocked content online. These #SmartDNS services are very easy to use and setup on any device, so you can unblock, access, stream and enjoy all of the latest TV series, movies, music and online entertainment anywhere you want – AND from any country/location in the world!


Are Smart DNS Proxies Secure – Is My Personal Data Safe When Using SmartDNS?

Virtual Private Network providerIf you search online for SmartDNS proxy servers, you are going to be greeted with many options all claiming to be the BEST Smart DNS Proxy for unblocking blocked media. However, it is very important for you to choose wisely as you definitely don’t want to compromise the security of the personal data which is stored on the device which you will be using when accessing geo-blocked content through an off-shore proxy server. And you also want to use a Smart DNS Proxy service which has high/fast streaming capabilities so you can enjoy your entertainment in HD quality without experiencing endless buffering caused by a slow connection.



 What Is The Best Smart DNS Service?

Read smartdns proxy reviewsHere at Best Smart DNS, we take our title as being the industry’s premiere review site for Smart DNS and VPN Proxy server services very seriously. And we have tried, tested and reviewed every reputable Smart DNS Proxy service for unblocking and streaming regional-blocked content online. When reviewing Smart DNS Proxy servers we based our final conclusion as the best by rating important factors such as:

  • Size of proxy server network and geographical locations of proxy servers.
  • Security of proxy server network to safeguard personal information stored on your device.
  • Reliability of service and customer support.
  • Device compatibility.
  • Overall user experience.

The best method for accessing regional-blocked content from any country in the world is:

Smart DNS Proxy: Total Freedom, Security And High Speed Access When Browsing The Internet


With the ability to unblock 200+ regionally blocked websites/channels and a global network of secure and sophisticated Smart DNS and Smart VPN proxy servers conveniently located in over 30+ countries (estimated to be 100+ countries by 2016), Smart DNS Proxy is without a doubt your best and most secure option to access regionally blocked content online.

Smart DNS Proxy provides users with high-speed access to stream regionally blocked content on almost every internet capable device and setup is very easy to install. They provide excellent 24/7 customer service and also offer users a free trial period to use and experience all of the awesome features Smart DNS has to offer.

Another great benefit which Smart DNS proxy offers it’s users is a ‘high-powered’ and totally secure Smart VPN option at no extra cost. This SmartVPN option allows users to encrypt, tunnel and transmit data over public Internet connections giving you total internet privacy and the ability to create secure p2p connections for sensitive file sharing.

ALL-IN-ONE SmartVPN Service

Smart DNS Proxy

200+ Services Supported

Unblock websites & digital media with the fastest way

Works with any internet capable device

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Encrypt and secure your internet traffic

PPTP, L2TP & OpenVPN Support

Access all Smart DNS Proxy services while you are connected to any SmartVPN server.

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Encrypt and secure your internet traffic


Stream media from the country of VPN Server you are connected

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What Are You Waiting For? Access Blocked Content Using Smart DNS Proxy Today!


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