What’s The Best Proxy Server For Online Streaming? SmartDNS vs VPN

Which is the best method and proxy for online streaming

Which is the best SmartDNS for online streamingThere is nothing worse than sitting down to watch the latest ‘Game Of Thrones’ episode or new release movie on Netflix and your streaming quality sucks! To experience endless buffering and low-resolution images when watching anything on your fancy new SmartTV (or other device) which you probably paid top dollar for is just unacceptable in 2015.

So we are going to put an end to that and show you the best proxy server method for unblocking and streaming regionally blocked content on any of your internet capable devices.



SmartDNS or VPN for Online Streaming: Which Proxy Server Service Is The Best Method For HD Streaming?

Fastest method for online streaming and byoassing geo-blocking

SmartDNS Proxy unblocks regionally blocked content onlineWe all know VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) are a great way to secure your online privacy and protect your personal data when using public WiFi – but which is the best proxy server method for bypassing IP Geo-restrictions to unblock and watch regionally blocked content online? Everyone knows websites like Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu, ESPN GO, etc. first determine where are you are located when visiting their site (based on your IP address) before you can stream anything… so what’s the best workaround for accessing all of that amazing exclusive content found tucked in the archives of these regionally blocked websites?


SmartDNS Is The Best Method For Unblocking And Streaming Regionally Blocked Content Online. From Any Country. On Any Device.

SmartDNS Fast streaming

HD SmartDNS ProxySmartDNS is a proxy server method which is ‘built for speed’ and primarily only used for online streaming. SmartDNS is able to provide super-fast streaming capabilities – compared to that of a VPN, because a SmartDNS proxy only needs to re-route the certain information in your IP address which identifies your exact geographical location. And there is virtually no ‘lagging’ when such a small portion of data needs to be rerouted and sent to your device so you end up with fast download speeds and excellent streaming quality when accessing/watching/listening to regionally blocked content online.

Why VPN Is NOT The Best Method For Streaming Blocked Content Online

VPN is for online security SmartDNS is for streaming online in HDA VPN needs to reroute ALL of your data through it’s ‘heavy encryption’ network in order to accomplish the same result as a SmartDNS Proxy – hence leaving you with a slower transfer of data and poorer streaming quality. All you need to do when ‘unblocking’ regionally blocked websites is mask or change your true geographical location. You do not need to encrypt all of the information and data requests sent to your favorite Geo-blocked website (i.e. US Netflix) using sophisticated VPN security protocols. This is totally unnecessary in most circumstances (unless you dont want your ISP knowing you are watching re-runs of Seinfield on Hulu) and does nothing but slow your device down and prevent you from streaming in HD quality.

VPNs provide awesome capabilities when it comes to maintaining online privacy and security, however they are far from being the best option for unblocking and streaming Geo-Blocked content online.


Want To Change Your Country Location In Seconds To Unblock Websites – Then Switch Over To Use A Totally Secure VPN With Just A Few Clicks?

There is a Proxy Server For That!

And it’s called SmartDNS/SmartVPN by digital media streaming and online security experts – SmartDNSProxy.com

Free trial for SmartDNS Proxy service

SmartDNSProxy is by far the easiest and quickest way for you to ‘change’ your geographical location so you can access regionally blocked websites from anywhere in the world – then switch over to a VPN option to secure your online when you need it. And the added bonus is – you only have to pay the same low price to access both SmartDNS and SmartVPN options on any of your internet capable devices. SmartDNS and SmartVPN comes as one complete package!

Key Benefits Of Using SmartDNS by SmartDNSProxy.com:

  • SmartDNS proxy is EXCLUSIVE to world leaders in SmartDNS technology – SmartDNSProxy.com. You wont find this super-fast SmartDNS technology anywhere else!
  • Allows you to gain full access to regionally blocked streaming services such as Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, ESPN. HBO NOW, VH1, etc. directly from your mobile device and most other Internet capable devices such as your gaming console, Apple TV, Roku, Laptop, Desktop, etc.
  • All connections with SmartDNSProxy are with UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH.
  • All connections with SmartDNSProxy are with UNLIMITED SPEED.

Key Benefits Of Using SmartVPN by SmartDNSProxy.com:

  • SmartVPN technology is EXCLUSIVE to online security experts – SmartDNSProxy.com
  • When using SmartVPN, all internet traffic and data gets encrypted through a global network of totally secure proxy servers.
  • Smart VPN is specifically designed to protect your data from malicious hackers, snooping governments, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and other ‘prying eyes’ who may be trying to steal your private data or personal information.
  • Smart VPN leaves absolutely no ‘digital footprints’ of your online activity when using the service to browse the web.
  • SmartVPN has the ability to hide, mask and change your ip address very easily.
  • Your computer and private data will always be secure when using public Hotspot Wifi connections (Cafes, College campus, Hotels, Airports, etc.).
  • There is NO LOG AT ALL kept in the SmartDNSProxy network. SmartDNSProxy does not store or keep logs/records of the online activity of any of its users.

SmartDNS and SmartVPN Is The BEST Option For Online Streaming – Try It Free Today!

Unblock and stream content in HD using SmartDNSBestSmartDNS.com is your number 1 source for the most honest VPN and SmartDNS reviews, news and tips…  and we FULLY recommend SmartDNSProxy as being the best option for bypassing Geo-blocks to stream blocked content in HD quality.

Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself for free by signing up for a Free SmartDNS Trial… and make sure you come back to let us know what you think about SmartDNS/SmartVPN in the comments section below.


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