What Is SmartVPN + 7 Reasons To Use A Virtual Private Network

The best SmartVPN for online privacy

With the introduction of a new ALL-IN-ONE SmartVPN (Virtual Private Network), SmartDNSProxy.com continues to provide internet users with the more proxy server options than any of their competitors. Smart DNS Proxy is also steadily gaining the well deserved reputation as being the most trusted and widely used SmartDNS and VPN proxy server service in the world.

SmartVPN & SmartDNS Proxy Servers: Fast, Secure and Sophisticated VPN and DNS Proxies

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Why Would I Need To Use SmartVPN Or Any Virtual Private Network Service?

SmartVPN Service reviewedYou have most likely heard of VPN’s or Virtual Private Networks before, and you might have already used one in the past for various online activities including to:

  • Secure your online browsing to protect your private information from malicious spyware, hackers or even your government
  • Mask, change or hide your IP address to bypass censorship restrictions such as Geo-blocking
    Anonymous browsing so your online activities cannot be tracked
  • Use public Wi-fi hot-spots securely
  • Encrypt data
  • Send and receive sensitive information/data on P2P sharing networks

SmartVPN is an additional free option to compliment our super-fast SmartDNS proxy service which lets users bypass Geo-restrictions and stream regionally blocked content from any location in the world.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Using SmartVPN Over Regular VPN

When to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Smart DNS Proxy’s exclusive and totally unique ALL-IN-ONE Smart VPN service can be used for various reasons such as all of those online activities listed above, however the main advantages which SmartVPN has over all other VPN services you may find online is Smart VPN allows you to:

1.Easily switch proxy servers with just a few clicks.

VPN and SmartDNS to Unblock websitesConveniently access any global SmartVPN servers without having to disconnect from one geographical location and then reconnect to another. Perfect if you frequently access regionally-restricted websites and Geo-blocked content online.



2.Become anonymous online and protect your internet privacy.

The best SmartVPN for online privacyFrom governments to hackers, there is always someone out there who would like to know what you are doing online. SmartVPN will allow you to browse the net anonymously and prevent snooping eyes from spying or tracking your online movements.


3.Secure your private information online at all times.


SmartDNSProxy and VPN serviceIf you are like millions of other people all over the world and use the Internet for such purposes and banking, paying bills, buying goods, etc. then your private information such as banking account details can become extremely vulnerable – depending on the integrity of your internet connection. Smart VPN will allow you to safely and securely conduct financial transactions or buy online goods without compromising your details over public internet connections.


4.Create totally secure ‘data transfer tunnels’ and P2P type networks for sharing sensitive files, information and data.

SmartVPN and Virtual Private NetworksSafely share files and information using sophisticated data encryption protocols. SmartVPN uses the most advanced PPTP, L2TP, SSTP & OpenVPN protocols to securely transport data traffic over public internet and each security protocol varies slightly in the way in which your data will be encrypted (Read more about Smart VPN Security Features and Protocols).


5.Bypass Geo-blocking, online censorship and government Internet restrictions.

Use Smart VPN or SmartDNSGet around regional restrictions and unblock popular online movie streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO NOW. Send and receive information about important global issues when your government has blocked access to certain websites. All Smart VPN servers are strategically placed all over the world to give our users the most options for accessing regionally blocked websites. You can easily connect to any one of these international Smart VPN servers in just a few seconds.



6.Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and HD streaming capabilities.

Fastest VPN to unblock and stream contentIf you are experiencing slow internet connections and poor streaming quality when trying to view content online, and you suspect your ISP might be throttling bandwidth, then a VPN may help increase the speed of your Internet connection. Smart VPN will allow you to connect and transmit data/information through another server which is operating at a higher speed. High internet speeds save you from endless buffering, allows for HD streaming capabilities and gives users a much better viewing experience.


7.Use Smart VPN with multiple different internet capable devices.

VPN for your mobile phone and laptopSmart VPN is extremely versatile and is compatible to use with Desktop computers, Laptops, Mobile smart phone devices (Android, Apple’s iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone), Smart Televisions, Internet-capable gaming consoles (Xbox 360, Wii, Ps3, Ps4), Set Top Boxes (Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Boxee Box, WDTV Live Player, Amazon Fire TV).



Want To Experience The Amazing Power Of Smart VPN Proxy Servers? Try It Now For FREE!


*NOTE: If you currently have a Smart DNS Proxy account, you can access SmartVPN features in your admin area when you login. Look for VPN Configuration Status under the HOME section and visit our Support Page for quick and easy Smart VPN setup instructions.

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If you would like the ability to unblock over 200+ regionally blocked channels/websites from any location using mulitple devices PLUS the ability to maintain the integrity of your internet privacy/security – then you should be using SmartDNS and SmartVPN proxy services.

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