Free VPN Proxy vs Paid VPN Service: Read This Before Doing Anything!

Free Vs Paid VPN | Free Vs Paid Proxy

Review of Free and Paid Proxy Servers

“The best things in life are free”…

That might be true when it comes to beautiful scenery, afternoon sunsets and long walks along the beach, however you could be putting your entire device, internet security and personal data at risk anytime you do choose to use any free VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) or free proxy servers you happen to find online. Open proxy servers such as those which tend to pop-up on the first couple of pages in Google whenever you type in the words “Free Proxy Server”, quickly become overloaded with users who suck up all of the limited bandwidth – leaving you with poor streaming capabilities and a frustrating user experience.

Warning about Free VPN proxy serversBut more importantly, free VPN and proxy server sites can sometimes be setup and operated by some pretty ‘dodgey people’ such as hackers, Internet scammers and other unscrupulous individuals who are basically providing you a ‘free proxy server’ service to use, in order to steal your identity or use your device to commit a number of different internet cyber-crimes – sometimes without you even knowing it!

So make sure you read on and share this article with your friends and family, because the last thing you want is some unknown person who lives on the other side of the planet, taking control of your internet capable device and stealing/using your identity to commit online fraud and other malicious acts over the Internet.

Why You Should NEVER Use A FREE VPN service or Free Unblock Proxy Server

Fast VPN (Virtual Private Network)Other than being overloaded with users, the most obvious and probably the most significant downfall of using any totally Free VPN proxy server is the lack of data encypton options and GUARANTEED security when using their proxy network. Free VPNs typically only use PPTP VPNs. And compared to other encyption options, PPTP VPN is not as secure. Any good paid VPN sevice and proxy server providers will allow you to choose from PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC, and OpenVPN to transfer data securely.

Read more about the Difference Between PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC, and OpenVPN

Are ‘FREE’ Proxy Servers and VPNs REALLY Free?

For any proxy server service to provide a totally safe and secure Virtual Private Network for it’s users, it must first have access to a considerable amount of bandwidth in order to send/recieve data to and from your device – especially if you are streaming or downloading larger files such as video content on wesbites such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, YouTube, etc.

So if Bandwidth costs money and you are being offered a totally free option to use bandwidth which someone else has to pay for – what is the trade off? And what price are you really paying when using a free proxy server?

H0w Much Is Your Personal Data and Internet Security Worth?

Free Virtual Private Network service

The REAL price you are paying when using any free proxy server you find online can simply be determined by how much you value your online privacy and the overall security of your device/personal data. Free proxy server and VPN websites are not only loaded with tons of annoying advertisements, they are also a great source for hackers to insert malicious spyware on your computer.

Let’s take the following scenario as a good reason why you should NEVER trust any ‘Totally FREE’ Proxy servers you find online and why you should NEVER rely on these free proxy options to keep your data and private information secure.

Caitlyn The Cat Uses a Free VPN at Her Local Cafe Wi-Fi HotSpot And Gets Hacked!

Free vpns are not secure

Caitlyn visits her local Cat Cafe every week to get some work done online. The Wi-fi is fast, the atmosphere is ideal and the cat-coffee is good.

Prevent hackers at public wifi using a vpn


Caitlyn has heard the shocking horror stories from people who have had their personal data stolen and then used for illegal activites online – using public Wi-fi such as the one she’s on right now.

Which VPN should I use: Free or paid service

However, Caitlyn thinks she doesn’t need to worry about her personal information such as banking details, private images, passwords, etc. being ‘hacked’ by anyone else connected to the same WiFi signal because Caitlyn thinks she is totally secure online using that Free Web VPN/Web Proxy she found on Google.

6 weeks later…

Never use a free Virtual Private Network

Caitlyn recieves a monthly spending statement from her bank which shows the purchase of several expensive new items she definitely didn’t buy. So who used Caitlyn’s credit card to purcahse such lavish goods on the other side of the world – and how did these criminals get access to all of her personal credit card details which she keeps stored inside a file on her secure laptop?

Use a paid VPN service

The ‘FREE VPN Proxy server’ She Used At The Cafe ‘Wireless HotSpot’ Was Not Secure and A Hacker Using The Same Wi-Fi Connection Stole Her Details!

If you are a frequent user of totally free and random proxy server services, have you ever noticed that alot of these websites often shut down with no warning? This can happen because a website has been investigated and found to be a source for illegal online activities. Computer hackers and online identity thieves are extremely ‘clever’ sneaky and have been known to setup/operate many so-called ‘free onlne tools’ such as Free VPN and proxy server services with the primary goal of stealing your personal data. And setting up a ‘FREE VPN service’ which tricks you into thinking you are secure online seems like a very efficient way to steal your important personal information such as banking details.

Never use a Free VPN

What About VPN Services Who Offer A ‘FREE TRIAL PERIOD’? Are They Safe?

Free VPN trial

Secure VPN Trial - no credit card neededIn almost most cases YES! A ‘FREE TRIAL PERIOD‘ is not the same as a Free VPN service. Legit and professional VPN, SmartDNS and Proxy Server Services are basically offering you a ‘free taste’ of how awesome it is to use a high-powered proxy service. And some like don’t even require you to enter in any credit card details to start your free trial! Then only after you are satisfied with your experience, you will get the option to either pay a small fee (typically under $5 USD per month) to continue using their proxy server network – or move onto another if you aren’t happy.

Get A FREE TRIAL for the BEST VPN/SMARTDNS Proxy Service: No Credit Card Required!

Full VPN and Smart DNS Proxy Click on the following link to start a free trial with WWW.SMARTDNSPROXY.COM Our Vote as the Most Secure VPN and Online Proxy Server Service available.

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