How To Test If Your VPN Connection Is Working Properly: Is Your Proxy Service Secure?

Stay secure and protect personal data with a VPN

Stay secure and protect personal data with a VPN

When you sign up to use a professional Smart DNS or VPN (Virtual Private Network) proxy server service which claims to be a ‘totally secure network’ you would expect that your personal data, DNS and IP address is going to be secure, anonymous and ‘totally secure’ online. Therefore most VPN and SmartDNS proxy users don’t even bother to check if their VPN connection is actually setup properly, secure and working correctly.
Check your VPN and DNS proxy connectionWhich is very surprising seeing as users of VPN services seem to value their online privacy and data security enough to actually sign up and install a proxy server on their device (and in most cases even pay a small fee to utilze a VPN or SmartDNS network) – yet lack the due dilligence to follow through and check ALL systems before going online.

Below we are going to give VPN users all round the world some ‘peace of mind’ by showing you how to verify and test if your VPN connection is actually protecting your data and keeping you anonymous when browsing the net.



Is My VPN Connection Secure And Working Properly?

Is my VPN connection safe and anonymousIf you are using a professional proxy server service, then the answer is most likely going to be yes. However, sometimes even some of the most well known online proxy server services have been proven to be unsecure and vulnerable to problems such as DNS leaks.

DNS leaks can potentially put your online security at risk and stop your online anonymity as they can result in your ISP (Internet Service Provider) being able to see, track and monitor your browsing history and online activity – even though you assume you are being protected and encrypted by the VPN tunnel of your proxy service provider.

How Can My ISP ‘See’ What Im Doing Online If I’m Using A VPN Proxy?

Use a VPN proxy server to mask or hide your IP addressWithout getting too technical, a DNS (Dynamic Name System) is used to translate domain names such as this one ( into a numerical IP addresses (example: 245.345.554.146). This complex computer translation is typically performed by the DNS servers of your ISP. So when you have installed and are using a VPN service, all data and requests SHOULD be re-reouted and translated through the servers of the VPN service you are using.


Should I Care About DNS Leaks And The Security of My VPN Provider?

Well, if you don’t want your ISP and anybody else monitoring your online activity – or knowing the websites you visit when connected to their network, then you should care A LOT about DNS leaks and unsecure VPN connections. Plus you are probably paying a monthly fee for something you assume is keeping you anonymous online – yet in reality isn’t.

Lets Check out the stats from last year of data ‘STOLEN OR LOST’ over the internet.

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Internet data stolen or lost every year


Image source

How To Detect And Check For DNS Leaks To Make Sure Your VPN/SmartDNS/Proxy Server is Secure

DNS leaks checker for VPN servicesThe quickest and best way to check for DNS leaks to make sure your VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is secure is by simply visiting the following url:

FREE DNS LEAK TEST | Check Your VPN Connection Is Secure |

Just by visiting that wep page, you will be able to see EVERYTHING and ANYTHING which the sites you visit on the device you are using (as well as the advertisers you click and any embedded widget found on visited web pages), can see, collect and use for whatever purpose they like. And this particular ‘DNS leak test’ makes sure it checks for ANY unencrypted DNS query sent by your system or internet capable device which is OUTSIDE the established VPN tunnel of your service provider.

Click to check the security of your VPN service provider.

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The Internet can be a wonderful place full of enterntainment, knowledge and freedom of speech. It can also be a place where you can be monitored by people  you DON’T want spying on you. And a place where your personal information/finances/identity can get stolen and used for illegal purposes.


Use a VPN to protect data and online anonymity

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