Choosing The BEST VPN or Smart DNS Proxy Service To Suit Your Needs

Reviews of VPN and SmartDNS Proxy servicesWith more VPN (Virtual Private Network) and Smart DNS Proxy service providers starting to pop up all over the Internet, it’s getting harder and harder for the average (usually non-techy) user to determine which is the best proxy server to use. Whether you are using a VPN to protect your personal data and maintain online security – or using a Smart DNS Proxy to unblock and stream regionally blocked websites – make sure you read on to find out how to choose the best online proxy service to suit your needs.


Getting Started: What Do You Need A Proxy Server For?

How to choose a proxy serverFirst let’s determine what you plan on using a VPN or Smart DNS Proxy server for. To make sure you are using the best type of proxy server to suit your needs – so you can maintain the normal functionality of your chosen device and to maximize the effectiveness of the proxy sever service you are using – you need to first determine why you need a VPN or Smart DNS Proxy.



A VPN (Virtual Private Network) SERVICE IS BEST FOR:

Maintaining Online Security And Protecting Your Personal Data/Information When Using Public Internet

How a VPN Works

VPN’s allow users to encrypt data and it utilizes sophisticated encryption protocols (PTP, L2TP, SSTP & OpenVPN) to create a virtual P2P connection over public internet. And for all those ‘non-tech heads’ who don’t understand a word of the last sentence, this basically means you can remain anonymous online when using public Wi-Fi and the additional security layers of VPN security protocols will prevent anybody from snooping or intercepting the data you send/receive to the host website.

A Survey (Infographic) Of Why Most People Choose To Use A VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Infographic of why people use a VPN - Survey

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Bypassing IP Geo-Restrictions And Unblocking Regional Blocked Websites/Videos/Content Online.

Smart DNS Proxy is best for unblocking Geo restricted websitesMany of the popular digital media streaming websites such as Netflix, HBO NOW, iBBC Radio, WWE Network, HULU, YouTube (sometimes), ESPN, etc. are regional blocked websites which prevent certain users from viewing content – based on the users geographical location. For example, US Netflix is only typically only meant to be viewed by those who actually live within the United States of America. And these Geo-blocked websites are able to know exactly where you are in the world – based on specific data located within your IP address.

However, a Smart DNS Proxy will allow users to change ONLY the data within their IP address which relates to that users geographical location. This means only a small amount of information/data needs to be bypassed through a Smart DNS Proxy server when using their service – giving users extremely high speed access to stream blocked content in perfect HD quality.

SmartVPN: Our Vote For the Most Secure, Easy-To-Use & Versatile VPN or Smart DNS Proxy Service

Best VPN and SmartDNS service

Many years ago, using a DNS Proxy or connecting to a VPN (virtual private network) wasn’t the easiest thing to do if you weren’t a ‘technical’ person. However, now there are many ‘easy-to-setup’ options which allow you to quickly and easily use a VPN or Smart DNS Proxy on almost all of your Internet capable devices including your laptop, smart phone, gaming console, Smart TV, etc.

Versatile Smart DNS and VPN proxy server

Our vote as being the BEST option for you to easily setup a VPN or SmartDNS proxy server on any device – to perform multiple different online tasks with extremely high speeds and totally secure encryption options is SmartVPN by Smart DNS Proxy.

VPN and Smart DNSSmart VPN is super-advanced compared to other stand alone VPN or Smart DNS Proxy services because SmartVPN is an ALL-IN-ONE proxy server service.

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Where To Find The Best VPN and Smart DNS Proxy Service Providers

The best place to find the BEST VPN and Smart DNS Proxy service providers + the most comprehensive VPN & Smart DNS reviews isn’t Google… IT’S RIGHT HERE!

Best Smart DNS and VPN Proxy reviews and news

Best Smart DNS only reviews and rates QUALITY VPN and Smart DNS service providers. We thoroughly research, use and review VPN and Smart DNS service providers frequently – so you can rest assured you are getting the most recent and transparent proxy server reviews you are going to find anywhere on the Internet.

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