Become A VPN & Smart DNS Affiliate: Make Money Promoting Proxy Servers

Make Money: Become an afilliate for a SmartDNS or VPN Service

Come & Shake The Money Tree… Become A Smart DNS & VPN Affiliate & Get Paid!

Make Money: Become an afilliate for a SmartDNS or VPN ServiceIf you don’t already know, most quality Smart DNS service providers also offer their users the opportunity to make money by referring new customers to their service. So when you sign up to use a Smart DNS proxy service to get unrestricted web browsing and HD streaming of blocked content – you also get the opportunity to earn cash at home by simply making a few referrals online!

Plus, most good Smart DNS service providers will also give you COMMISSIONS FOR LIFE! Which means if you setup your affiliate marketing campaign (or referral system) correctly, you could be making a nice passive income for yourself – well into the future.

So if you think you could do with a few extra dollars in your pocket every single month – with lifetime commissions, make sure you read on and find out all about Affiliate Marketing for Smart DNS Proxy services.

What is Smart DNS and What Is A ‘Smart DNS Affiliate’?

Use Smart VPN or SmartDNSProxy Unblock

Smart DNS Proxy is sophisticated technology which easily enables users to bypass Geo-restrictions and access/stream content from regional blocked websites such as US (American Netflix), HBO GO, WWE Network, ESPN, CWTV, Pandora, YouTube, etc.

Read more About Smart DNS Proxy Technology

SmartDNS and VPN affiliate trainingA Smart DNS ‘affiliate’ is basically someone who makes money online by promoting a Smart DNS Proxy service. The Smart DNS affiliate is paid a specified amount of money every time they are able to successfully get a new user to sign up and use the Smart DNS service – via their referral.

Typically, a Smart DNS affiliate is somebody who actually uses the proxy service in the first place (to unblock regional restricted websites) and is able to offer honest and effective reviews about how the Smart DNS Proxy system operates.



How Does A Smart DNS Affiliate Marketing Program Work?

Promote products and services and get paid

Earn money as an affiliate marketerA Smart DNS affiliate marketing program is very simple to get involved with and is capable of generating a nice passive ‘income-stream’ for yourself when done correctly. Affiliate marketing is ‘performance-based marketing’ where a Smart DNS company will reward you financially based on the amount of ‘New Sign-Ups’ you are able to produce for their business.

When signing up for your FREE Smart DNS account, you will be able to access a specific section of your account generally titled ‘AFFILIATES’. In the Affiliate section of your Smart DNS account, you will be provided with a ‘Unique Affiliate Link’ which you can place anywhere on the web to promote the services of the Smart DNS company for which you are an affiliate for.

Now when somebody clicks on your ‘Unique Affiliate ID Link’ which is connected to your Smart DNS Account – YOU GET PAID!

How Much Does A Smart DNS Affiliate Get Paid?

What is the salary of an affiliate marketing exampleThe amount a Smart DNS affiliate is paid depends on a number of different variables including the monthly cost to use the Smart DNS service and the length of the ‘new membership’ for which your referral signs up for.
Below is an example of how much you can earn by making just 1 (one) referral using a good Smart DNS affiliate program:


Example Of How Much You Can Earn As A SmartDNS Affiliate


How much can an affiliate earn online

Your referral signs up and purchases a 12 Month Subscription valued at $34.90

Tips for becoming a successful online affiliate marketer promoting SmartDNS

Based on the current commission rates for this particular Smart DNS service provider, you will receive approximately $12.22 for making this one referral!

And lets not forget about the 30% LIFETIME COMMISIONS you will receive for making this particular referral. Now when your referral renews their subscription – you automatically get paid again without having to do any extra work!

What Is The Best Smart DNS Affiliate Program & Where Can I Sign Up?

Review of the Best Smart DNS Affiliate program

Just like the quality of a Smart DNS service provider – not all Smart DNS Affiliate Programs are a good. So Beware! There are actually some Smart DNS service providers who will offer users the chance to become an affiliate to promote their DNS proxy service – then make it extremely difficult for the affiliate to ‘cash-in’ and receive their well-deserved payments.

VPN affilate marketing reviewsOur vote as the best affiliate marketing program for VPNs and SmartDNS proxy services is Smart DNS Proxy. They are a very reputable web proxy company, offer some of the best commission rates available and their affiliates are ALWAYS PAID ON TIME for their affiliate marketing efforts.

Smart DNS also has an excellent reputation online as being the best method for accessing and streaming blocked content online, so you can be confident you are ethically promoting a quality service which provides extreme value to its customers when you become a Smart DNS Affiliate.

How To Become A Smart DNS Proxy Affiliate: 3 Easy Steps

Want to join one of the most successful Smart DNS affiliate programs of all time?

Guide for affiliate marketingFollow these 3 easy steps!

  • Sign Up For A Free Smart DNS Proxy Account. It is totally free to join the Smart DNS Proxy affiliate program.
  • Visit the ‘AFFILIATE SECTION’ of Your Account. After logging in to your account, visit the ‘Affiliate Section’ of your account where your unique Smart DNS affiliate ID awaits you.
  • Start Promoting Your Unique Smart DNS ‘Affiliate ID Link’. You can now use your Smart DNS affiliate program link anywhere you believe it will be permitted. But keep in mind, almost all Smart DNS affiliate programs online will never honor spamming so don’t bother using any ‘Black-Hat’ digital marketing techniques to make referrals.

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