Free iPhone 7 to handle iOS 11 coming. Brace yourself!

Free iPhone 7 to handle iOS 11 coming. Brace yourself!

iPhone 7 giveaway Smart DNS Proxy

Don’t pay – win iPhone 7!

iPhone’s excellence comes at a price. However, you don’t need to worry about shelling out a hefty sum of money – all you need to do is to look around the web, find a giveaway and have a go. We’ve scouted a few websites and found one on the Smart DNS Proxy giveaway site with a nice deal in which, in exchange of everyday online activities, you may get a brand-new free iPhone 7!

Giant leap for mobile computing

This Fall, a new iPhone operating system update is scheduled to be released. Its 11th version is announced to be a revolutionary leap from the previous editions. Following the first iOS (then called iPhone OS) launched together with the first iPhone in 2007, a lot of things have changed and the system evolved into one of the most user-friendly and versatile systems for smartphones.

free iPhone 7 giveaway Smart DNS Proxy phone

Major features

iOS 11 will introduce Files App – a new approach to file management similar to the Finder app on Mac. The app will be fully searchable with the possibility to drag and drop files. The system will also host a more intelligent Siri assistant, QuickType keyboard, NFC-based p2p Apple Pay and many revamped and redesigned apps.

free iPhone 7 giveaway Smart DNS Proxy iOS

Minor glitch

iOS 11 will pose one problem to the users of iPhones other that 5s model up. The new edition will only support 64-bit apps and devices equipped with A7 chip or higher, which means that older iPhones and older apps (32-bit) will effectively stop working. In order to make full use of a new system, you need a phone that supports 64-bit architecture. With the controversies and rumors surrounding a soon-to-be-released iPhone, its latest model – your free iPhone 7 stands out as a perfect candidate to do the job. A bit of info about the comparison of the system versions can be found here.

How to enter and win your free iPhone

Some online competitions and giveaways are quite demanding. They sometimes require you to download some software, sometimes they take down every single detail of your personal details or ask you to do some complicated things on the Internet. This one is extremely easy – you basically do what you normally do online. If you’re a Face Book user – you can like the website, if you’re into Twitter – you just tweet. Sharing is another way of gaining points. You may also recommend the service to your friends.

Streaming capabilities

Modern mobile phones are equipped with another great feature – streaming. iOS has done a great job in creating apps that will allow you to watch hundreds of channels like BBC, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Zattoo, Starz, HBO NOW and many others. If you are a sports fan – you have FOX Sports, ESPN, BBC Sport, FuboTV or beIN Sports.

Unblock 300+ services!

Hey, there’s an extra perk for Smart DNS Proxy users – not only can you win an incredible smartphone, you can also get 7% off the regular price if you decide to buy their 2-year subscription. Why not kill two birds with one stone and grab both a great phone and great Smart DNS and VPN service offered by Smart DNS Proxy which will allow you to unblock geo-restricted content. You have your free iPhone, a great streaming service and extra online security at one go!

Safe & sound

Smart DNS Proxy is also a trusted and reliable Smart DNS and VPN provider. Therefore, you will also be equipped with a top-notch online security mechanisms which will ensure your Internet safety and anonymity. Heavy encryption protocols employed in VPN solutions guarantee full protection of your online activities. If the connection speed is your priority – go for Smart DNS solution and enjoy blazing speed combined with security.

Don’t hesitate – strike two deals at the same time! Participate and win your free iPhone!

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